About Us

About Di-

Founded in 2015, Di is an IT & Computer Peripherals, Laptop Accessories, Mobile & Lifestyle Accessories & Led Tv brand with a mission to provide products which are Great on design, performance yet so easy on the pocket, that every household in the country can afford.
Today, Di employs over 25 people across 2 Offices and 2+ Di Service Centre in India. The offices are backed by a strong network of dealers, resellers, and integrators adding to the retail presence of over 1,000+ locations across length and breadth of the country. The Di Care (service centers) provides support to the consumers and the channel network.
Core Strength - 

Di focuses on product design excellence, strict quality controls, and a very reliable product to bring home, putting this approach together as the to becoming the No.1 brand in IT peripherals.
Enter is a leading Hardware system developer specializing in Cables & Peripherals Device. Our products fully utilize PCs’ capabilities to enhance productivity. These products enhance personal productivity and create new applications that are more accessible and affordable for today’s PCs.

 Test Center-

Di has an in-house Research and Development department, monitoring the latest developments in the field of technology and innovation to find more suitable products and services for the market. Ensuring quality of product and service through constant radical thought, dealers show faith in use as a brand and our team's dedication has been the factor to our continuing success.
Constant Innovation-

At Di, product feedback from the consumers and channel partners always been considered as a source of development. We give back the customers a fabulous product experience with some of the industry's unique launches, implementing and executing campaigns which were the first in the industry like The Sound Monster Augmented Reality Experience, a structured Product Packaging, Design factor on products.
Corporate Vision-

Staying one step ahead of the market has always been our goal. Like other world-class companies, we are proud of our success, but we are never satisfied. At Di, we are committed and working hard to deliver the innovative solutions our customer's need, building the framework for sustainable growth, going forward and staying "Innovating Technology". Our Strategy is “To meet customer’s different demands”. So we can provide you the best products for you. We have a professional R&D team and a wide vision marketing team. And our Service team is also prompt and efficient for your needs.

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