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Bluetooth Receiver

Bluetooth Receiver

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What is Lorem Ipsum?* BLUETOOTH 5.0 Dongle -Support Bluetooth voice and date transmission.* Compatibility -Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, XP, Vista ,2003, 2000,Me, Bluetooth-enabled devices.* Wireless connectivity - This adapter creates cable-free..

BT Dongle (Speaker) BT Dongle (Speaker)
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BT Dongle (Speaker)

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What is Lorem Ipsum?* Make any speaker & car audio system wireless.* Allows you to play songs to your speakers directly from your phone.* Very convenient and easy to use.* It is a plug and play device.* NOTE : Doe not work with TV's laptops, etc...

Di USB BT Audio Receiver
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Di USB BT Audio Receiver

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What is Lorem Ipsum?* Di USB BT RECIEVER DONGLE.* Works only in car and speakers in which USB slot is available.* Direct plug and play no externernal power required.* Very convenient and easy to use.* Easy pairing.Receives hassle free audio up to 30f..

USB BT Receiver (Aux Cable) USB BT Receiver (Aux Cable)
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USB BT Receiver (Aux Cable)

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What is Lorem Ipsum?* Compact and Small can be powered with usb wall power adapter.* Bluetooth Standard: Bluetooth V2.0+EDR, support A2DP V1.2 Power supply: 5V USB Output: 3.5mm Audio interface Distance: 5-10 meters Sound output rate: 44.1KHZ and 48K..

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